Whatever we’ve become in life is a sum total of our decision and life paradigm.

Problem abound not because there are no solution but because we are yet to open up the door of our heart to such solution. And solution comes via knowledge.
If so, how then do we acquire knowledge? This is a question someone would love to be answered.
Think about this in retrospect; that time you were deep in mediation over an issue that you needed to solve. The idea that informed your decision making process, where did it come from? You either heard it from someone or read it in a book. Right? Even the ideas that sound new were innovative ideas based on previous exposure to books, people and life experience.
Therefore the answer is; we acquire knowledge via books and people and personal experiences.

So this is what Write-Treasurez does for you, we link you up to creative books, influential people, Writers, blogs, books shops, educational events and services that would enrich your mind and increase your scope of knowledge so your decision making processes are better, your life is lived with clarity while having so much fun.


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