Hello Book lover,

2016 is here and  you sure do have desires to read.

Desire is good but accomplishing your desire is better.



So here are  the big questions.

1)What books do you want to read?

2)How many books would you love to read?

3) How much time can you allocate to reading in order to accomplish this goal?

4) What activities would you eliminate that would enable create more time to accomplish this goal?

5) What would do you want to achieve from reading this year?

You must believe that all goals are achievable.   All goals requires are baby steps; just taking daily little steps towards accomplishing your goals. It also requires a community that motives you.

Just in case you do not have a community that motivates you, joining an online community would do you good. Sign up on goodread and take on the 2016 reading  challenge. That way you are sure to keep track of your progress.



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