A lot happened in the 2015. While a few author received awards, others wrote their first book and people walked into a book shop to pick their favorite book, a few writers saw death and didn’t survive the experience. We celebrate them because though they have gone, they gave their world gifts to cherish.

Here are a few of the authors we lost in 2015.

Jackie Collins: Born: 1937-10-04 – Died: 2015-09-19
Jackie Collins was a writer known best for her romance novels. She wrote 32 novels in all, and they all appeared on The New York Times bestsellers list, which is a pretty incredible feat. Her books have sold over 500 million copies. They’ve been translated into 40 languages.

Frank D. Gilroy: Born: 1925-10-13 – Died: 2015-09-12
Frank D. Gilroy was a playwright, screenwriter, and film producer and director. He won a Tony Award for best Play and the Pulitzer Prize for Drama for his play The Subject Was Roses in 1965. His plays included: The Middle World, The Viewing, Getting In, Who’ll Save the Plowboy?

Wes Craven: Born: 1939-08-02 – Died: 2015-08-30
Wes Craven was a film director, writer, producer, and actor best known for creating what are considered some of the most landmark horror films of all time, including A Nightmare on Elm Street, The Last House on the Left, and Scream. Other well-known titles include: The Hills Have Eyes, Shocker, The People Under the Stairs and others.

Ann Rule: Born: 1930-10-22 – Died: 2015-07-26
Ann Rule was a writer best known for her true crime work. She is best known as the author of The Stranger Beside Me, a book about serial killer Ted Bundy. Her book Small Sacrifices, which was about Oregon child murderer Diane Downs is also well known.

Ingrid Sischy: Born: 1952-03-02 – Died: 2015-07-24
Ingrid Sischy was a South African writer and art critic with a focus on art, photography and fashion. She was best known as the editor of Andy Warhol’s Interview Magazine from 1989 to 2008. She and her partner Sandra Brant were international editors for Vanity Fair.

James L. White: Born: NA-NA-NA – Died: 2015-07-23
James L. White was a screenwriter best known for writing the 2004 film Ray as well as Empress of the Blues and an untitled Dinah Washington biopic. He had received special recognition at the 25th Annual Tree of Life awards for outstanding screen writing for Ray.

E. L. Doctorow: Born: 1931-01-06 – Died: 2015-07-21
Edgar Lawrence “E. L.” Doctorow was an American author known for his historical fiction. He began his career as an editor at NAL, where he worked with Ian Fleming and Ayn Rand. He became editor-in-chief of The Dial Press in 1964, where he published works from James Baldwin, Norman Mailer, Ernest J. Gaines, and William.

Terry Pratchett: Born: 1948-04-28 – Died: 2015-03-12
Sir Terry Pratchett was an English writer who specialized in fantasy novels. His massive Discworld series, about a world contained in a flat disc resting atop elephants (and a turtle), contains 40 books. Pratchett’s work was comic and satirical, and he was prolific. His books have sold over 85 million copies worldwide.

David Carr: Born: 1956-09-08 – Died: 2015-02-12
David Carr was a very famous writer known best for his work with The New York Times, where he wrote the Media Equation column and covered culture. Carr was born in Minneapolis, and went to the University of Minnesota, where he majored in psychology and journalism.

Information source. Famous Dead:
In 2016, we pray for the health of every author, that they would be strong and their skill would receive a freshness that the world would appreciate.

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