Why do we feel so emotional towards good fictional character that we almost would never want any negative experience to happen to them?

I recall reading through ‘Compound Matters’, a series written by Eketi on her blog. In that days’ episode, one of the  flawless character  in that series was knocked down by a vehicle.fiction 5 Reading that felt like real life. It was like losing a dear friend but knowing that she was yet to write the next episode or post it was a consolation. I quickly made up my mind to plead in the comment that she should allow the character live.

To my surprise everyone who read that episode, felt the same way.

But what if there was a lesson this character’s death would have thought, wouldn’t it be nice to loss a fictional character than to loss  real humans?


I think sometimes,  fiction ought to be our teacher  but  we just get attached  to these characters that we would rather they have a good life and ending than we learning from them.

Or is it because fiction are our perfect hideout?fiction 4

Thank God for  some good authors who still know that bad things sure do happen to good people and would not spare a fictional character just so we learn from their experiences.

So I think. Or would you rather prefer absolute happily ever after endings at all times?


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