the good life

Do you wonder if you can figure out the world and your place in it?
Do you question how your life can be truly significant?
Reflecting on his own story and the stories of others, Chuck Colson examines the beliefs and assumption that from the fabric of our lives. You’ll read about
• The king of corporate scandals
• The woman the Chinese cultural Revolution couldn’t break
• The most tragic figure from Watergate
• A man recovering from same – sex attraction
• The film characters who say the most about what’s happening in culture now

The good life searches for answers to the questions we all ask:
Who am I? Why am I here? How can I find significance in my life? How can I make my life count? These are the core questions and the central passions of this book. Your answers to these questions will determine how your life story is written.
Here’s the thing. The worldview you live by has everything to do with what you will become. UNDERSTANDING THIS WILL UTTERLY CHANGE YOUR LIFE.

PAGE COUNT: 394 pages( Hardcover)
PUBLISHED:May 31st 2005

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