DEVOTIONS FOR MOMS By Ellen Banks Elwell

Devotional for mom
Devotions for Moms is the perfect tool to get you started each day.
The text will encourage you in your parenting, challenge you to deepen your walk with Christ, and offer you wise advise on how to be better example to your children. In a warm, understanding atmosphere the daily devotions will fortify busy moms by
• Grounding you in scripture
• Challenging you to deepen your walk with Christ
• Encouraging you with wisdom and advice from a mom who’s been there
Make time for you and God to get together each day with devotional for Moms.

First Published:2005

Ellen BanksEllen Banks Elwell graduated from Moody Bible Institute and the America Conservatory of Music. She enjoys studing the Bible, teaches a few piano students, walking with friends and taking beach vacations with her family. She has authored other books such as The Christian Mom’s Idea Book, When There’s Not Enough of Me to Go Around, and a series of piano praise books. Ellen and her husband, Jim, live in Wheaton, llinois, and have three grown sons, Chad, Nate, and Jordan.


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