Conqure Stress
In the 21st – century business environment, stress has become a way of life – an accepted occupational hazard. Moreover, the global financial crisis has heightened stress levels in an unprecedented way. Now is the time for change.
Conquer stress, Achieve Success is a personal development manual aimed at millions of stressed executives and managers who need reliable strategies for dealing with the pressures of their careers. Here you will find a wealth of guidance on how to think effectively, how to boost your energy and resilience, how to put pressure in perspective, and how to draw upon inner resources to calm and focus your mind.

This book is essential for everyone who has ever wondered how to live a peaceful and contented life and yet still fulfill their professional ambitions and realize their goals.

A vital and timely source of guidance in an era of crunch and crisis for both private and public sectors – offering a comprehensive stress – busting technique tailored to your personal needs

Shows expert ways to ease tension in any work situation – whether from workloads, money pressures, difficulties in communication or managing time effectively, or career frustrations.

Equips every stressed executive and manager to create a virtuous circle of a calmer, more productive life in the workplace combined with improved health and well – being
Contain 20 step – by – ‘Work Solution’ – specially devised exercises ranging from confidence – building, delegation and breath control to quick – fix solutions to rescue any working day.

Published: April, 2010


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