A girl after God's heart
Homework! Friends! Activities! Parent!

The life of a tween girl is full of so much action and sometimes so much confusion!

How fine a real best friend? How can I get along with my brothers and sisters?

  1. How can I make time with my busy life for Jesus? How can I know the right things to say and do especially when I keep messing up?
    As you set out on this fun adventure with Jesus, you’ll learn what it means to be a girl after God’s own heart a girl who loves Him and follows Him by………
    *Growing in love for your family and friend even when it seen like you’re all along
    *Growing in wisdom you learn to make good choices and fewer mistakes
    *Growing in grace as you face the things that are hard from friendships, to schoolwork, to doubt about yourself
    *Growing in Joy as you fall more and more in love in Jesus
    Walking with God is the most amazing journey a girl can take. Start today Take your first steps to becoming a girl after God’s own heart.

Live out your dreams as you become a girl after God’s own heart!
Perfect for Sunday school, preteen groups, and individuals.
Page Count: 112


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