“At 26 years old, Cival Mills had a great life. He had always been a high achiever, successful in both sports and academics. He had recently earned a medical degree and looked forward to a great future. It all changed on December 8th, 2000.

Only a couple of days away from finishing his hospital internship, he was driving to go see his girlfriend and got into an accident. When he woke up in the hospital, he found himself unable to move an muscle in his body except for his eyes. It was like a nightmare come true.

Nobody was aware he was conscious until he laughed at a cartoon his sister showed him. He was diagnosed with locked-in-syndrome and started learning how to communicate with his eye movements using a spelling chart. His first sentence was “Love you mom”. It took him 20 minutes to spell out.
After 2 years of physical therapy, he regained the ability to move his left thumb. With a gadget he invented himself, he managed to type out his first inspirational book, titled “This Too Shall Pass.”
Some would say Dr. Cival Mills changed his story. I would say he chose his story. And he wrote his story.
In a way, every one of use is a story happening. And every day is a page upon which we write. Some have stories that they do not like. But they complain and do nothing much beyond complaining. Their lives, as a result, is a chronicles of things over which they have chosen not to exercise control and over which they have not taken any responsibility.
Rasak has written his story. In every sense of the word.
He has taken his pen and re-written his life just as he wants it. He has created a narrative that is at once, intentional and visionary. And he has succeeded quite well.
Beyond this, he has gone on the write his story on paper and presented them to us. It is a story of beautiful struggles. It is a story of gifts in disguise. It is a story of daily triumph. It is a story upon which we can look and realize that we too have the pens of our lives in our lives in our hands and can very well write ours.”

AKPOVETA, Valentine’tejiri.
Chief Executive Director,
Connectus Consulting Ltd.


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