How High
By every law of physics, a bumblebee should not be able to fly. A man repeatedly (and soundly) defeated for public office should  not be able to win the US presidency, as Abraham Lincoln did. And a man exposed to as much failure as Thomas Edison should not be able to change the world in the profound manner that he did. Are these phenomena the result of luck? Happenstance? Or are they testament to the remarkable power of attitude?
When our attitude crashes, we have two alternatives. We can either alter the difficulty or alter ourselves. with details drawn from his career as a pastor and public speaker, author John Maxwell identifies the steps necessary to strengthen and stabilize the inward obedience necessary for a positive attitude.
Persistence. Patience. The fundamental acceptance that God is there to help shape the approach we take to problem solving. But it’s up to us to make the necessary decisions at the right time, to stride toward success fueled by energy of a positive attitude. Just as a plane flies against the wind, so must the proper attitude lift us in the face of struggles large and small.

Just as the angle of an airplane determines its altitude, so does the approach we take- to family, to work, to life in general-determine the attitude we present the world. The way we solve a problem is often secondary to the approach we take in facing the problem, our outward expression every bit as critical as the inward struggle to stabilize the stable. When the skies above appear stormy, how will you steer that internal plane we call attitude?
In How High Will You Climb? Author john Maxwell presents detailed lessons on the single invaluable quality that has become a person’s primary force toward success. As the world around us delivers challenges-all the while marching on at its own inevitable pace-the attitude we chose affects each of us individually. And yes, an attitude is easy in times of joy and progress. But how do you handle the failures sure to interrupt the attainment of your goals? What happens to us is often quite different from what happens in us.
Calling the bible a “handbook on attitude performance,” Maxwell emphasizes we are never actually flying solo. God supports our approach to problem solving and helps steer the attitude adjustments necessary to think correctly in a sometimes negative world. With a study guide to help evaluate and build upon your own flight angle, How High Will You Climb? Establishes the fundamental elements for a steady, durable flight of life.

Page Count: (Hardcover) 176 pages
Published:  April 1st 2014 by Thomas Nelson (first published 1999)

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