Little Lessons
You’re a busy mom on the go.
So where is God when you can’t find the car keys and you’re running behind . . . when the business report you worked on late into the evening now has colorful crayon drawing on every page . . . when the air conditioning in your SUV has gone out on a scorching summer day and the kids are clamoring for attention in the backseat?
He’s right there, in the very middle of it all—–watching over you, loving you, gently guiding and teaching you . . . some-times in the most unexpected ways.
Award—winning author and journalist, Michelle Medlock Adams, weaves together charming, humorous, and insightful stories her two delightful daughters ___ sharing the remarkable spiritual growth and life changing “God lessons” she has discovered through the eyes of her children. Through her insight and joyful perspective, you’ll be encouraged in your own role as a mother and uplifted as a woman of God.
First Published: May 2005

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