As a writer and a coach, Emeka Nobis has trained hundreds of people handing them keys that would help them in their career, relationships, and spirituality. He is the founder of Profound Impacts International, a personal development company. The company, founded in 2011, is hinged on five pillars – mind, financial and material, work and career, family and relationships and spirituality. He does achieve this goal via, written works, formal and informal class coaching sessions among others platforms.
EmekaHe is passionate about seeing individuals rise above the doldrums of poverty to peaks of personal development and by extension to other facets of their lives.

In our drive to  link you to great minds that have what it takes to educate you with the right information that can change your life and make you limitless, interviewer, Grace Onybuolise, takes us on journey  as we uncover the life of Emeka Nobis as a writer.

Write-Treasurez: What is Mr. Emeka Nobis pursuing as a career?
Mr. Emeka Nobis: Writing and Thought Leadership.
Write-Treasurez: From the information I gathered about you, you studied Engineering at the University of Port Harcourt (is this true?), but you now write. Why did you choose to write? What is the passion behind your choice to write?
Emeka Nobis: I studied Mechanical Engineering at Federal University of Technology, Owerri. I have always had the gift of writing. I wrote essays that won awards during my secondary school and university days. Writing has always been with me. I did not just choose it. It chose to dwell in me as a gift. My responsibility is to be a vehicle through which its beauty can be expressed. I am passionate about writing because it is a medium through which I share my thoughts with humanity. I am a Thought Leader and by sharing my thoughts, we build better societies through the embracing of progressive ideas and ideologies.
Write-Treasurez: Writing seems to be a natural gift for you. Would we be correct if we say you were born with it?
Mr. Emeka Nobis: We are born with our gifts within. So I’ll say yes. However, honing the art to become such a fine tapestry that people admire takes work and dedication.
Write-Treasurez: For how long have you been writing?
Mr. Emeka Nobis: I started writing essays as a young secondary school student in 1995. However, I started writing intentionally in 2011.Emeka Nobis
Write-Treasurez: Was there ever a time you felt like quitting?
Mr. Emeka Nobis: I have felt like quitting a hundred times, but I am still at the game.
Write-Treasurez: Please share with us how you survived those seasons?
Mr. Emeka Nobis: I survived those seasons by utilising powerful doses of self-motivation and pondering over the reasons for which I write; I have been able to pull through the stormy seasons of doubt, frustration and the feeling to give up.

Write-Treasurez: Have you published any book?
Mr. Emeka Nobis: Yes, I have published two books. The first is a printed one titled “THE PROFOUND LIFE”. The second is an e-book for writers titled “SO YOU CALL YOURSELF A WRITER?”The Profiund LifeSo you call yourself a writer
Write-Treasurez: Yes, I have read “So you call yourself a writer” and I must say that it was really encouraging. I thought at first that it was going to sound so critical that it would discourage those who are just starting out as writers but contrarily, it did not. I would suggest it to any writer, anytime. It’s a great book, with excellent plot and it’s really impactful. Thanks for giving the word world such a wonderful book. In your years of writing, were there seasons that are memorable? Do share with us.
Mr. Emeka Nobis: Yes, there are. The first time was when I started noticing people appreciating my pieces on social media. I noticed folks sharing my works with others and that enveloped me in a cloud of joy. Also, the first time I held the printed copies of my first book. It was such an ethereal feeling knowing that my thoughts had streamed onto physical pages, ready to be shared with the world.
Onyebuolise Grace: I can only imagine the joy. Your dedication really paid off. What author(s) [or] writer(s) work (works) influenced you as a writer?

Mr. Emeka Nobis: There are many of them. Seth Godin, Hugh McLeod, Tomide Olukuade, Okechukwu Ofili, Tolu Akinyemi, Kukogho Iruesiri Samson, Chimamanda Adichie, Bura-Bari Nwilo, Umari Ayim are just a few of them that have tremendously influenced me as a writer.

Write-Treasurez: I can see Nigerians on your list. That’s impressive. Can we know your three most treasured books.
Mr. Emeka Nobis: GIFTED HANDS by Dr. Ben Carson, STRAIGHT AND CROOKED THINKING by Robert Thouless, and HOW TO BE CREATIVE by Hugh McLeod.
Write-Treasurez: What should we expect from you as it has to do with your gift as a writer in the nearest future?
Mr. Emeka Nobis: I am currently working on two manuscripts. The first is UNCHURCHED. It’s a book of my thoughts on faith, church doctrine and religiosity. It will be put up on my blog for free download. It will also be printed in thousands to be given out for free to churches and individuals hungry for expunging religiosity from their worship of God. The second is titled REVIRGINED. The editing has been finalised. My book designer has also been intimated about the concept. The publisher is also awaiting the transmission of the script to commence production. Hopefully I’m looking at October to do the unveiling. I have also commenced blogging as a way of building my tribe consciously and reaching out to many more souls.
Write-Treasurez: Awesome! Quite revealing! And enough to make us anticipate! Before we draw the curtain, a word for aspiring authors?
Mr. Emeka Nobis: Crave for originality. Find your own unique voice and project it. Work consistently with ultimate devotion on your craft.
Write-Treasurez: Thanks so much for your time. I learnt a lot from this and am sure anyone reading this can say the same. It an honour to listen and be refreshed by your story.
Mr. Emeka Nobis: Thanks for finding my story worthy. I am very grateful.

Write-Treasurez: Thanks for given us your time. We desire that your zeal for what you do would never fail.

The UnchurchedYes, Emeka Nobis Book, “Unchurched” is out. You can download it for free at http://www.emekanobis.com/unchurched
You can reach him on Facebook via Emeka Nobis; Twitter via @iamemekanobis and on BBM via 2BA06435

Onyebuolise Grace is the CEO of Write-Treasurez. Write-Treasurez links you to knowledge based resources by book sales, blogging about books, writers, educational events and conducting exclusive interviews;
whoms Platforms include  BBM Channel: C00201B36, BBM PIN: 2B8F6C5E FaceBook: Write-Treasurez, Blog:writetresurez.wordpress.com twitter:@writetreasurez.She is also a sales executive at Philips.
You can reach her by writing to writetreasurezmail@gmail.com, graceonyebuolise@gmail.com or call 08066604913


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