Whether you are a retailer, manufacturer, distributor, or service provider—if you cannot answer this question, you are surely losing customers, clients, and market share. This eye-opening book reveals that identify your competitive advantages(and trumpeting them to the marketplace) is most surefire way to close deals, retain clients, and stay mile ahead of the competition.

The five fatal flaws of most companies:
 They don’t have a competitive advantage but they think they do
 They have a competitive advantage but don’t know what it is—so they lower price instead.
 They know what their competitive advantage is but neglect to tell client about it.
 They mistake “strengths’’ for competitive advantage.
 They don’t concentrate on competitive advantage when making strategic or operational decision.
The good news is that u can overcome these costly mistakes—by identifying your competitive advantages and creating new ones. Consultant, public speaker, and competitive expert Jaynie smith will
Show you how score of small and large companies substantially increase their sales by focusing on their competitive advantages. When advising CEO frustrated by his salespeople’s inability to close deals, smith discovered that his company stayed on schedule 95 percent of the time—an achievement no one else in his industry could claim. By touting this and other competitive advantages to customers, closing rate increase by 30 percent—and so did company revenues.
Jack welch has said, ”If you don’t have a competitive advantage, don’t compete, ”This straight-to-the-point book is filled with insightful stories and specific step on how to pin point your competitive advantages, develop news one and get the message out about them.
JAYNIE L. SMITH is president of smart advantage, inc., a marketing /management consultancy whose client range from midsized to those in the fortune 500. She consults internationally with CEOs of other high-level executives in helping businesses define their competitive advantage, and has served as the keynote speaker for numerous association. She reside in Hollywood, Florida.
Page Count: (Hardcover)240 pages
Published: April 25th 2006


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