NOT LIKE ME BY Michael Bryant.

not like me
According to author Eric Michael Bryant in Not Like Me, formerly titled Peppermint-Filled Pinatas, people can become agent of change, creating genuine unity among people from a variety of background and belief systems, through their relationships.
Through humorous stories and pointed insights gleaned from Erics’s own personal experiences and failure, the experiences of others, and the life and teaching of Jesus, readers will discover how to move beyond ethnic, racial, cultural, or ideological barriers towards genuine friendship with others.
Bryant urges readers- women and men, democrats and republicans, church leaders and lay people from every denomination – to create a new future that connects to God’s heart by removing the religious baggage of Christianity to discover the world Jesus intended.
Followers of Christ will be inspired to actively engage the world in order to overcome stereotypes placed on us and influences those who have not been interested in Jesus because of these stereotypes. Spiritual seekers will find that, when stripped away from the religion created around him, Jesus’ dream for the world is remarkable and refreshing.
Includes “Field Notes” from Ed Stetze, Margaret Feinberg, Kelvin Harney, Lon Wong, Amena Brown, Mark DeYmaz, Gerardo Marti, Kim Martinez, Princess Zulu, and Dan Kimball.
Page Count: 239
First Published: 2006

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