A few days ago, a friend sent me a link to an article. It was an article aimed at creating awareness about transgender writing. It neither spoke against them nor did it speak for them.

It just stated the different sides to this kind of books and picture books. The funny thing was that these books were meant for kids between ages of 2years – 14 or so. The authors of such books claimed that transgender desire begins at an early age and that kids who have such desires should get to know early enough that having such desire is not wrong and it’s normal. On the twitter link of one of the transgender authors, people heaped insult at him who is now a her. Asking her to allow kids be kids. Her point was that she wanted to write books people like her could read

My first reaction was to say, “Never, my kids would never touch such books. What nonsense! ”

I asked a more matured friend what she thought about kids reading novels that had transgender characters, her response was different from mine. For her, whether you keep the books away from the child or not, may not really matter as much as it matters to teach them right values because they may get to read them from friends and you may never get to know that they are read it. But if thought what is right they may never touch such books and even when they read them, their ability to make the right decision would prevent them from crossing boundaries. “Don’t be the one to buy it for them anyway’” she added.

I love  to know what you take is on this and are there other taboo books or topics you wouldn’t read or permit your child to read?


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