Finally……a woman, Thou Art Loosed for man and for the women who love them.

Men, if you are longing for your life to matter, if you long to know who you really are inside with a confidence that transcends the title on your door, the physical condition of your body, the number on your bank statement ,and the size of the house you live in, then prepare to change. Prepare to have your hope rekindled that you are so much more than who you feel like at present. Prepare to have your hope restored that you have a unique destiny waiting to be fulfilled.

Sisters, this book is for you if you long to see your man change in ways that can come only from God working inside him. If you sense a silence in him that you long to decode and you fear that something is absent from your relationship with him, than I urge you to read on and travel the He- motion journey with him.

He-Motions brings clarity and hope to men and helps them strengthen their relationships with themselves, with the women in their lives, and with their Lord. It gives women the solutions they seek as they relate to the men they love. It is a audiobook that will bring you closer together and closer to God.

He-Motion, even strong men struggle.

Page count; 323
First published; 2004.


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