uncompromised faith
Our Western culture has systematically reduced Christianity to little more than religious ritual and personal piety.
Is this really the best that God has in mind for his kingdom?
Join S. Michael Craven in exploring how the majesty and radical reality of God’s amazing grace have been culturalized and rendered impotent in America. Then begin to tear down the cultural barriers to both the acceptances of the gospel and the mission of the church in America.
“In this most accessible book, Michael Craven addresses the mega-problem of ‘culturalized’ (isolated) Christianity. He outlines current worldviews that have swamped the church and responds to red-hot contemporary issues with Christian truth and love. In a day when the flame of authentic faith is barely a flicker, the church needs all the help she can get. This book contributes to the needed aid”
David K. Naugle, THD, PHD
Professor of philosophy, Dallas Baptist University, author of
Reordered Love, Recorded Lives; Learning the deep meaning of happiness.
Page Count: 201
First Published: 2009

Uncompromised Faith: Overcoming Our Culturalized Christianity


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