Moms give and give and give some more, but they rarely take time to receive. No wonder mom-burnout threatens to snuff out the simple joy of being a mother. Wouldn’t it be nice if moms had time just for themselves to encourage one another, learn from each other’s challenges and most of all, be refreshed through laughter?
That is what MomTime is all about ! Everything you need is provided in the “how-to”guide –from easy instruction on forming your group, to simple recipe, delightful conversation prompts and side-splitting game ideas, Lisa Whelchel comes alongside, sharing ten years of experiencing hosting her own MomTime.
Join Lisa personally, on the included DVD, as she invites you into her home and introduces you to the four main ingredients of a successful MomTime- food, faith and fun!

First Published:March 18th  2005
Page Count:64

lisaLISE WHELCHEL: Lisa is a best known for her role in Blair Warner on the perennial hit TV show, The Fact of Life. Now a busy home schooling mother, speaker, and Pastor’s wife, she is the author of the bestselling parenting book, Creative Correction. Lisa and her husband, Steve, live in Dallas, Texas with her children, Tucker, Haven and Clancy.


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