You need not struggle in business when you can get help readily.

         MARKETPLACE APOSTLE is a not-for-profit organization that is dedicated to Equipping men & women in the Marketplace with Kingdom Principles for Business & Leadership; towards the development & transformation of cities and nations. They are committed to raising leaders who will create much more than personal wealth; and will own and manage enterprises that will; generate & distribute wealth challenge the way business is done by promoting Kingdom business principles, raise a Kingdom standard for leadership, exercise influence in society, and play a significant role in philanthropy.

IC-BEC 2014

IC-BEC 2014

They strongly believe that such leaders must be team players and networkers, for as our creed reads “…transformation is a collective thing … only a transformed people can transform a nation”. The Foundation’s slogan borrows from business guru David Spangenberg and says, “If a business owner is not involved in transforming his city, then he is raping his city and needs to leave”.
Her Vision Statement reads: “Nations transformed through positive influence in the Marketplace”
Her Mission is, “Equipping men & women in the Marketplace with Kingdom Principles for Business & Leadership; towards the development & transformation of cities and nations”
Through her 12 Core Values, Members are inspired to work out all they learn from the foundation.

Her Activities are as follows;
Monthly night vigil for Business Men and Women– This program enables business owners to gather together and take charge of the spiritual issues that border on both their businesses and the marketplace.

Business Exhibition

Business Exhibition  at IC-BEC 2014

The annual International Christian Business Exhibition & Conference (IC-BEC) – is

business Exhibition at IC-BEC 2014

business Exhibition at IC-BEC 2014

an annual gathering of businesses and business owners from all over the world, who believe in the Christian values of integrity and excellence in business. It has been a first-of-its-kind event ever in the Nigerian Christian community.

Prayer and Watch Towers all over the city. (Port Harcourt, Nigeria especially)
Counseling sessions during lunch time at several offices and our designated prayer & watch towers.

In 2014, she launched her 1st International Christian Business & Leaders Award Ceremony (IC-BLA) on Saturday the 20th September, 2014 to close that year’s exhibition and conference. The essence is to recognize Christian business owners who have not only excelled in business but have impacted numerous lives in their society.slide7

Christian CEO’s Forum where Chief Executive Officers are taught Kingdom principles that will help sustain them at the top. These CEO also learn how to take critical business decisions without compromising their faith in God

Business Seminars and Trainings are carried out monthly through coordinated conferences across several cities and are fast becoming a hub for interaction among business executives and leaders from diverse sectors of the nation and beyond. They are currently gearing up to start exporting teachings and trainings abroad so in the near future they will be in a city near you.

On Write-Treasurez Facebook page, Information about monthly programs and conferences would be posted to enable you participate

Founder: Uche Onochie

Founder: Uche Onochie

Visit ; , for more information.



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