Born in rural Texas at the end of World War 1, Mary Kay spent her childhood keeping house and caring for her sick father while her mother supported the family. Years later, as a single mother

at a time when very few women worked outside the home, Mary Kay was determined to pursue her professional goals. Twenty-five years later, after she retired from her successful career in direct selling, Mary Kay- a middle-aged grandmother- felt a call of a challenge. In founding what she termed “dream company,” Mary Kay exceeded her own expectation and became a champion for women.

Miracles Happen is Mary Kay’s story of her lifetime of outstanding personal, professional, and philanthropic achievement. With her characteristic warmth and charm, she recounts the struggles and fundamental lessons of her early years and the resolve she needed to face her toughest obstacles. Though Mary Kay made it to the top of her corporate ladder, perhaps what is most important is that she brought hundreds of thousands of women with her. The techniques and timeless principles on which she built an international recognizable cosmetic empire, and her inspiration for forming, against the odds, what is irrefutably “a different kind of company,” make for an inspiring read.


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