Gifted hands is a chronicle of the life of Benjamin Carson as he journeyed from poverty to stardom.

Ben Carson in this book, tells us an intriguing story of his childhood struggle,

and how made himself available to be used by God through his hands to give life and hope to dying kids.

A home journal in the book had this to say about his attitude towards work.
” He frequently did surgeries that nobody else would touch”

This was a conversation between Ben Carson and a patient, when the patient got to know that Dr. Ben Carson would handle his case.

Ben Carson: It’s all in God’s hand.
Craig(patient): But we believe you let God use your hands.

Ben Carson did not leave out his failure in the story as unsuccessful surgery were also mentioned but the amazing thing about them was that relatives of diseased were always thankful to him for being willing to undertake a case that everyone else believed was impossible.

In-spite of the medical success recorded in the book, the book also has lessons for;

] Single mother and mothers
]An inner street kid (poor kid).
]Someone who wants to be a role model to his or her sibling.
]A school teacher who wants to raise great kids from kid who people team as dull.
]An individual who feels easily intimidated.
]A christian who finds it difficult to believe God for a miracle
]Any one who wants to grow their career to any great level.

] Positive affirmation and how it relates to personal growth.
]Never over look honesty
]Hard work rewards.
]Qualities of a role model
]Team work skills
]How not to overlook reading and reading outside your field.
]How to be resilient.
]Importance of being a people person.
]Miracles still happens
]Why you should go the extra mile for a client.
]How to take calculated risk
]How to handle criticism.
]Why you should protect your staff.
]We can trust God to handle any situation.

Its indeed a book for anyone who wants to attempt the seemly impossible.

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